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About Stephanie Patterson

I began my writing career at age three by designing my own alphabet using symbols to represent words. Thankfully school got me back on track with mainstream communication and I've has been creating stories ever since. Words are magic to me and writing is my first love. I owe my beginnings in the romance field to the kindness of Katherine Falk and the vision of a new, up and coming publishing house she profiled in “Romantic Times Magazine.” My first romance, "Playing For Keeps," was published by Genesis Press under the pen name, Stephanie Salinas for their Tango 2 line. "The Woman in Question," a contemporary romantic thriller, was published under my own name a couple of years later. My current projects include a new historical romance series entitled, "Season of the Furies." The first book in the series, "A Terrible Beauty," was released March 4, 2016. Book 2 is scheduled for release in late Fall of 2016.

I live in northern Oregon in a town long the banks of the Columbia River. St. Helens is an interesting mix of both pioneer and nautical history. It’s a place steeped in tales of mystery and dark deeds like shanghaiing and murder. Our town has appeared on several ghost investigation shows and it was the filming location for Disney’s original “Halloween Town” and the first movie in the “Twilight” franchise. Every year we hold a month long festival commemorating the Disney film.
I’ve been a legal assistant for a criminal defense attorney for more than fifteen years, working all sorts of criminal cases from petty theft to capital murder and murder for hire. When I'm not writing I practice and teach the ancient divination art of cartomancy - a fancy way of saying I read tarot cards. Every Halloween I read cards at a local restaurant noted for its haunted history. As if that isn't weird enough, I'm also a belly dance hobbyist and perform at various festivals around the Pacific Northwest.

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Portland, Oregon

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