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Bobby Dazzler - Tales from the Arcadian Book 1

May 7th 2020

Caelan, Cal to his friends, knows that the most important requirements for his bride will be impeccable breeding, a modest demeanor and to be completely scandal-free. At twenty-four, he meets the young woman of his dreams in a Paris museum and is completely captivated by her. 

Venetia has been raised to be everything the daughter of a peer should be. She is educated, well-read, and has also studied music and ballet. Cal is the prince she's dreamed of finding and she is certain that he will overlook the fact that she is not a highborn member of society. Disillusioned after discovering the truth, Cal walks away leaving Venetia unprotected and at the mercy of a ruthless enemy.

Nine years later Cal, now the Earl of Bainbridge, discovers that the famously bewitching and dazzling dancer at the Arcadian Theatre is none other than Venetia - still beautiful, still alluring; and leaving her behind is still his biggest regret. Dazzling Nettie Pomeroy claims she wants nothing to do with the man who walked away from her. She closed the door on Cal and on love years ago. However, neither of them can deny the passion they still feel for one another, or the love they still share. As Nettie and Cal try to fight their feelings, an enemy draws closer, determined to bring harm to people Cal cares about. Will he be able to protect the woman he refuses to surrender again, and can Nettie trust Cal enough to open her heart for a second chance at love? 

Bobby Dazzler - Tales from the Arcadian Book 1: Work
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