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Mrs. Lady - Season of the Furies Book 2

January 20, 2019

Shrewd, beautiful and ice-cold – that’s how they described Lady Katherine Saunders, one of the legendary Furies. While many adored her keen wit, many more feared her rapier tongue. When Katherine makes the mistake of insulting the family of ruthless businessman, Jonas Rutledge within his hearing, he schemes to entrap her in a marriage of convenience. Now the proud and titled beauty finds herself bound to a handsome, but coarse commoner and tasked with launching his family into society.

As the weeks pass though, both Jonas and Katherine begin to feel more for each other than either one of them thought possible, but when Katherine is forced to betray her husband, he angrily casts her aside, leaving her to build a new life for herself on a Yorkshire farm where her title and privileges are left far behind her. Faced with nearly constant humiliation and forced to deal with open contempt from the villagers, Katherine must dig deep within herself to discover strength and resourcefulness she never knew she possessed. Bit by bit, she forms a new life far from the glitter of London society.

When Jonas finally comes to reclaim his wife he scarcely recognizes the haughty woman he married. She is still a force to be reckoned with, however, and Katherine has some very definite ideas about her own future. Will Jonas be able to rekindle his wife’s love, or have his own betrayals irrevocably shattered her heart? Will Katherine agree to leave behind all that she’s come to cherish and return to a husband who tossed her away, or will she remain lost to him forever?

Mrs. Lady - Season of the Furies Book 2: Project
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