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Playing For Keeps

July 1st 2000

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait Rock guitarist, Hallie Bishop returns home too late to say a final goodbye to her ailing father. While battling her grief and the coldness of her estranged family, she suddenly discovers herself to be the prime suspect in an embezzlement scheme involving her father’s company. Tyler Nighthawk, her arch nemesis, as well as her father’s protégé, vows to prove Hallie’s guilt no matter what it takes, even if he must seduce a confession out of her – a fitting act of revenge against the girl who once destroyed his engagement simply for kicks.
Hallie grew up in Tyler’s shadow. He was the son her father never had, while she became the disappointment her father couldn’t accept. Despite their animosity, there has always been a strong attraction between the two, though neither of them dared to acknowledge it. Now he is the enemy bent on her seduction and he will send her to prison in a heartbeat unless she can prove her innocence. Still, the first thing Hallie must do in her battle with this particular man is safeguard her heart.

NOTE: This book is a second edition of the novel, Playing for Keeps, originally published in 2000 and written under the penname, Stephanie Salinas. It contains an Alpha male hero who swears and says mean things to the heroine. It also contains a black leather clad, guitar-slinging heroine with attitude, who also swears and dishes it right back at him. Now you know..

Playing For Keeps: Project
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