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2021 - The Year in Pages

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, “What are you working on now?” Like most writers, I have lots of things in various stages of development. There’s the Sudden Awareness stage – that story idea germinating from a news article or from simply observing light filtering through trees during a hike, which rapidly moves on to the Cogitation Phase, where you obsessively ruminate on the idea and its potential. Next follows the Stream of Consciousness Plotting. You’re just playing with paper doll versions of story people at this point, seeing who merits flesh and costuming if not in this storyline then perhaps in another, and who strikes sparks. Next comes an outline placed in its own folder. Now you have something real to consider.

I told you all that to tell you this. I’m currently working on book two of my latest series, Tales from the Arcadian, working title – “The Consequences of You,” It’s a tale of divorce and political intrigue featuring Daphne Randall, resident composer for the Arcadian, and her former husband, Adam Randall, the Earl of Wakefield. I adore Daphne’s spirit and her journey to reclaim her life after the devastating scandal of divorce. Her former husband, Adam has his own journey to make to defeat the ghosts of his past and become the man he is meant to be. They are a passionate couple and the ferocity of their attraction for each other has never truly waned.

I’ve also been preparing for another foray into the world of The Furies. This time Drew and Lexie are up to bat. I’m excited about this story. As you may recall from the hints and events sown through the epilogue of “Mrs. Lady,” and Drew’s own appearance in “A Ghost of the Rose,” somehow (and I won’t reveal the whys and wherefores at this point) Drew and Lexie have married. What!? No! He’s supposed to have married Lori and make their own HEA. Nope, sorry. The best-laid schemes and all that. Frankly, no one was more surprised than me during the epilogue of “Mrs. Lady,” when Kathy and Belle dropped that particular bombshell, which just goes to prove the story people are fully capable of independent thought.

So, look for the release of “The Consequences of You,” in 2021 with Lexie and Drew soon to follow. What

about Lori, you ask? I believe she’ll be turning up in her own story as well. As I get closer to release I’ll be sharing more snippets about “The Consequences of You.” In the meantime, happy reading! Happy Valentine’s Day!

All My Best,


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