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Tales from the Arcadian Book 2 Update

I’d originally planned to have a laid-back summer this year – putter in the garden, make the mother lode of green tomato relish and brew an entire vat of Limoncello, but the best laid plans of any writer often runs amok when characters, those adult-sized versions of childhood’s invisible friends, start whispering in your ear. In my case it was Daphne Randall, the disgraced divorcee from my newest release, “Bobby Dazzler.”

Those of you who’ve read “BD” will remember Daphne as the composer-in-residence for the Arcadian Theatre. She lives in fear of being recognized as one half of a scandalous divorce that rocked a political party and ended more than one promising politician’s career. She’s also a little worried about her ex-husband’s return to England after more than six years excavating in the sands of Egypt. Someone really should have warned her not to put energy into her fears, particularly within earshot of a writer.

I’m enjoying getting to know Daphne and her stiff-rumped former husband, Adam, the Earl of Wakefield. It’s also nice to catch up with my old friends, like Venetia, the irrepressible Kensey, Mrs. Tav and the dangerous, but oh, so delicious, Morgan O’Banyon. Who knows who else might make an appearance. I’m looking forward to meeting Trevor Stephens and perhaps one, or two of the acts he’s recently signed on to the Arcadian. My summer is shaping up to be filled with intrigue, danger and a not so wee bit of lust. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Have a safe and happy summer!


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