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The Woman In Question

June 2005

What would you give to correct a mistake that set a killer free?

Prominent business tycoon, Ian Parish, is discovered brutally murdered with his young and unfaithful wife standing over his body. Deputy District Attorney, Drake Franklin lands the opportunity of a lifetime when he's assigned the prosecution of Kerri Parish. A guilty verdict should be a slam dunk and will land him several steps closer to his dreams of a political future. When the unthinkable happens though, and the killer walks, Drake is left to rebuild a life out of the ashes of his career.

His failure that day in a Florida courtroom continues to haunt him and years later he jumps at the chance to track down Ian's former wife and extract some private justice on behalf of himself and the Parish family. The more Drake learns, however, the more questions he uncovers. The callous young woman he remembers from that long-ago trial has changed. Now she's smarter, quicker and very, very desperate. And if Drake comes up with the wrong answers, he'll end up dead.

The Woman In Question: Project
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