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A Ghost of the Rose - Season of the Furies Book 3

August 30th 2018

A Fury Besieged….
The Hon. Sarah Jane Melbourne embraced life as a dreamer and a hopeful romantic. Her friends said it would be her undoing, and it was. Years ago, ruggedly handsome Rafe Kingsford made Sarah the target of a notorious wager. As the brother of The Furies’ fiercest rival, he vowed to publically ruin Sarah as revenge against the trio’s horrid treatment of his beloved sister. Sarah’s romantic nature made her easy prey for Rafe’s manipulations, and once she surrendered her innocence to him, he abandoned her. Eight years later, Sarah and her son return to England pursued by a hired assassin. Can Sarah overlook Rafe’s treachery and accept his protection for the sake of their child? Will they be able to heal their wounds and rediscover a love lost to betrayal?

A Scoundrel Seduced...
Rafe Kingsford avenged his sister against The Furies, but it cost him everything he valued most – the woman he loved and their son. Sarah Melbourne’s intellect and spontaneity captivated him as no other woman ever has. He is filled with remorse for betraying both Sarah, and the son he will never be able to claim as his own. Now he is in danger of losing them all over again, this time to an unspeakable evil. Rafe is willing to lay down his life to defend them, but Sarah, a shadow of her former self, refuses to let herself fall for his promises a second time. Now, with a vicious enemy closing in, Rafe must convince Sarah of his sincerity and his love.

A Ghost of the Rose - Season of the Furies Book 3: Work
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