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A Terrible Beauty - Season of the Furies Book 1

January 20, 2019

Nurse, Annabelle Winslow, returns to London from the Crimean War to face the misdeeds of her past. Five years ago she ruled the ballrooms of fashionable society as Lady Arabella Winslow, The Incomparable Araby, a singular beauty who rent hearts and hopes at will. Facing her past means facing the man who betrayed her – the man she loved who in exchange for her heart, ruthlessly stripped away her pride and her dignity for the sake of revenge.

Michael Lassiter is handsome, wealthy, powerful and a natural rogue. Still, Araby captivates him like no other woman until her thoughtless words devastate his younger brother and destroy his future. In his anger, Michael sets in motion a chain of events that will alter all of their lives and five years later force him into a confrontation with a young woman who continues to haunt him, who he has never been able to forget, nor forgive.

A Terrible Beauty - Season of the Furies Book 1: Project
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